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Personal Data Protection Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how MostBet (hereinafter “We”) uses the information and data you provide so that we can manage your relationship with MostBet.

We will process the personal information you provide through the Mostbet website or in other way, in the manner prescribed by this privacy policy. By sending us information via the website, you agree to the use of your personal data indicated privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy, please do not use the Site or provide us with your personal information using other ways.

Collection and use of information

Information and data about you that we may collect and use includes the following:

  • Information that you provide to us when filling out forms on the site or any other information that you provide to us through the site or by e-mail.
  • Correspondence, whether through website, email, telephone or other means of communication.
  • Details of your payments: transaction ID, date, amount, payment system. We do not store information about credit cards!
  • Detailed information about your visits to the website, including traffic data, location data, login and other data.

We may use your personal information and data together with other information about you for:

  • processing your bets, as well as payments from credit cards and online payments;
  • setting and managing your account;
  • compliance with the legal framework;
  • analysis;
  • providing you with information about promotional offers, our products and services with which you give your agreement, and monitoring operations in order to prevent frauds, unlawful bets, money-washing.

You can unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing using the available functionality.

Information Disclosure

We have the right to provide the held information about you, including personal data and betting history, to sports and other authorities, including the police, in order to investigate cases of fraud and money-washing.


We take all reasonable steps, as required by law, to ensure accurate registration and reliable security of your personal information. All personal information is deleted when it is no longer necessary to store it or by the request of the law.

We do not guarantee the security of any information transferred to us via the Internet. All information is transferred at your own risk. However, after receiving the transferred information, we take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from inappropriate use, loss or unauthorized access.

Privacy Policy Changes

Any future changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page, and any such changes will enter into their force from the moment of their publishment in the revised Privacy Policy.

Company policy to combat money-washing and international terrorism

The company MostBet carries out all appropriate measures to combat money-washing and international terrorism (AML Policy). At the same time, the Company maintains a strong and principled position on the prevention of all kinds of illegal activities, as well as all related regulatory legal acts. To fulfill these obligations, the Company is obliged to inform the relevant official instances if there are grounds to suspect that the funds deposited to the account by the User are related to the activities on money-washing or the financing of terrorism. The Company will also be obliged to block such User’s funds, as well as assume other measures provided by the AML policy rules.

Money-washing means:

  • concealment or keeping the confidentiality regarding the information about the real origin, source, location, ways of getting rid of , displacement , property rights or other belongings rights resulting from illegal activities (or of belongings received in exchange of such property);
  • conversion, transfer, receipt, possession or use of belongings obtained as a result of criminal activity (or belongings obtained in exchange for such belongings) in order to conceal the illegal origin of such belongings or assist to the sides, which are participating in criminal activity in order to avoid the legal consequences of their actions;
  • the situation in which the property was obtained as a result of criminal activity committed on the territory of another state.

In order to confront the penetration of criminal capital into the state economics and to confront the spread of crime, there is a constant fight in many countries for not letting money-washing and the financing of terrorism to develop.

The company applies internal regulations and special action programs to help government and international organizations confront money-washing and the financing of terrorism around the world.

By registering an account in the Company, you assume the following obligations:

  • You guarantee that you will follow all applicable laws and regulations, including the AML Policy, to confront money laundering and terrorism financing.
  • You confirm that you do not have information or suspicion that the funds used to refill the account in the past, present or future were obtained from an illegal source or have nothing to do with the legalization of illegally acquired income or other illegal activities prohibited by applicable law or instructions of any international organizations.
  • You also agree to immediately provide us with any information that we consider necessary to request in order for us to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements in relation to countering the legalization of illegally obtained funds.

The Company collects and stores documents, which identify the User, as well as reports on all transactions performed on the account.

The company monitors suspicious transactions on the User’s account, as well as transactions carried out under special conditions.

The Company reserves the right to refuse the User at any time and at any stage to carry out the operation, if the Company has any reason to believe that this operation may be connected with money-washing and criminal activity. In accordance with international law, the Company is not obliged to notify the User that his activity is suspicious, and information about it has been transferred to the appropriate government agencies.

Rules for Accepting Bets and Settling Disputes

The terms and conditions for accepting bets (coefficients, outcome options, available bet types combinations, maximum bet limits, etc.) can be changed at any time and are valid for new bets of the client, while the conditions of previously placed bets remain unchanged. Before entering into an agreement, the customer must find out all the changes in the current line.

Bets placed on events, the outcome of which is known at the time of the bet, can be calculated with the coefficient “1”.

In accordance with these Rules, in case of disagreements between the client (the participant of the agreement) and the betting company on issues related to the execution and implementation of the agreement concluded between the client (the participant of the agreement) and the betting company, including issues on  payoffs, events outcome, odds of the winnings, other essential conditions of the agreement, as well as on the recognition of the agreement as non-concluded or invalid, the parties shall establish a mandatory claim procedure for settlement of disputes (pre-trial procedure).

As part of the pre-trial dispute settlement procedure, a party that believes that its rights have been violated is obliged to submit a corresponding written claim to the other party. If the addressee of the claim is a betting company, the claim shall be made at its location (legal address) that is specified in the relevant constituent documents of the betting company and confirmed by the relevant extract from the register of legal entities. If the addressee of the claim is the client (the participant of the agreement), the claim shall be made at their place of residence (or place of stay). All trial may also be made through correspondence by e-mail: [email protected].

The claim shall be submitted within 10 (ten) days from the day when the person was informed or should have been informed about the violation of their rights. The claim must be accompanied by documents confirming and justifying stated demands. In the absence of valid sufficient demands in the claim, the claim shall be returned without further consideration.

Valid claim is subject to consideration no longer than 20 (twenty) days from the date of its receipt by the party.

If the claim is not considered by the receiving party within the specified period, the party that believes its rights have been violated shall has the right to refer the matter to a court of law at the location (legal address) of the betting company.

The company reserves the right to suspend the acceptance of bets and the payment of winnings (including refusal, invalidation, payment for these bets is made with the odds “1”):

  • In case of unforeseen errors (obvious typos in the proposed list of events, inconsistency of odds in the line and rates);
  • In the event of a change in the format of the competition being held relative to the original regulations;
  • If there is evidence of unsportsmanlike wrestling;
  • When using repeated bets on the same outcomes or on dependent outcomes (for example: a team wins, a team wins or a draw, a team’s handicap);
  • In case of deviation from these Rules when accepting bets, as well as with other arguments confirming the incorrectness of the bets.

The bookmaker reserves the right to check the player’s account within the period necessary to identify the circumstances of foul play, or eliminate suspicions of foul play. Usually, such a verification period is at least 60 days from the moment of suspicion of foul play, but can be changed by the decision of the Mostbet bookmaker in the direction of decreasing or increasing, depending on the complexity of the case.

Winning bets, as well as returnable bets, are valid for payment within twelve months from the date of the user’s last activity on the web site. At the end of this period, if no activity is made (any action on the web site in an authenticated state), the account will be debited equivalent to 100 USD per day until the balance is zero. For the blocked accounts the amount of winning bets and/or bets to be refunded will be charged a lump sum in full size after 28 days.

Claims of the player who failed to receive the winning and/or refund of non-playing bets within twelve months from the date of the last activity and 28 days for blocked users for reasons beyond the control of the Bookmaker, will not be accepted.

The bookmaker reserves the right to cancel any player’s bet before the start of the event without explanation.

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